Membership card

Hostel Marina is part of Hostelling International. If you want to stay at Hostel Marina, you have to be a member of the Italian Youth Hostel Association or any other national Youth Hostel Association.

For resident abroad
If you do not live in Italy, the simplest option is to purchase a membership card from your nearest Youth Hostel Association office or membership selling outlet before you start your journey. In this way you can benefit from national discounts immediately.

You can find all the national Youth Hostel Associations in the world on

You can purchase an international membership when you arrive at Hostel Marina at the price of € 2.00 per night (to be paid for the first 6 nights).

For resident in Italy
Italians and foreigners with a permanent residence in Italy can become members of the Italian Youth Hostel Association AIG buying the membership card on line or at Hostel Marina on your arrival.

  • Individual Card "Italia": € 5,00
  • Individual Card "Mondo": €10,00
  • Family Card Italy: € 5,00
  • Family Card International:€10,00